Successful charitable projects

Unicorns School

Our second charitable project in 2019 was supporting Unicorns School multimedia package on the Seed&Spark platform, which is meant for use in high school Economics and Social Studies curriculums. The full-length feature film Chasing Unicorns, which premiered in cinemas in September 2019, tells the story of two start-ups (starring [...]

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Exchange year scholarship won by Theresa Pulst

Our first charitable project in 2019 was supporting a high school student full of courage and curiosity who wanted to go abroad for an exchange semester or year. The aim of the Southwestern Advantage Foundation is to promote entrepreneurship education and business experience for young people in the Eastern [...]

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Helping Estonian Food Bank

Our last charitable project in 2018 was helping Estonian Food Bank. Every week the Food Bank helps various Estonian families who are selected by social workers that have information about the situation of the families and the amount of income. In most cases, families with a lot of children, [...]

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Donating “How to Become Financially Wise?” books for middle schoolers

On 31 May 2018, a financial wisdom day for basic school students took place at SEB Innovation Center. Together with our good partners Igavene Heategu MTÜ, Jaak Roosaare and Mihkel Truman, we donated 127 books “How to Become Financially Wise?” to 6-9th grade students. There is not too much [...]

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Junior Achievement Economics textbook for high schools

Smart citizens are the main resource of our society. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, a new Economics textbook for high school was published in cooperation with the Junior Achievement program, which will help smarter Estonian schoolchildren and perhaps even people who have [...]

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Young Investor Scholarship

Our Foundation's first charitable project was supporting the Young Investor Scholarship by Investeerimisklubi with 200 euros in October 2017.  A total of 16 scholarships were given out to young investment enthusiasts who want to become successful investors. The scholarships covered the scholarship holders' annual Investeerimisklubi (Investment Club) membership fee [...]

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