Junior Achievement Estonian Student Company Fair 2022 took place from February 12-13 in Tallinn.

A total of 245 student companies from all over Estonia participated in the fair in a total of six shifts with almost 800 students. The young participants were full of energy and super motivated – we believe that thanks to such sales events young people can practice their communication and sales skills and get better.

We supported the fair with 600 €, by participating in the jury, and presented a special prize to the best sales team. The special prize was won by Student Company BOKS, whose product was one of the most unique and had the highest turnover.

According to the jury, the brightest sales teams were:

  • BOKS, Tallinn 32nd Secondary School, uniquely designed men’s boxers, supervisor: Tiina Saar
  • HAIP, Gustav Adolf Gymnasium, design T-shirts, supervisor: Kristel Rannaääre
  • Valore, Audentes Private School, super soft sweaters and sweatpants from recycled cotton, supervisor: Rodrigo Preciado
  • Fons, Gustav Adolf Gymnasium, watering bird – semi-automatic watering device, supervisor: Kristel Rannaääre
  • KäKo, Lääne County Common Gymnasium, Swiss knife style school supplies set with accessories, supervisor: Imbi Raudkivi
  • LaPoche, Viimsi Gymnasium, additional bag pocket with magnet, supervisor: Maarika Truu

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