4Q overview, summary of 2021 and plans for the near future

4Q overview, summary of 2021 and plans for the near future

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Our vision is to create the biggest sustainable foundation in Eastern Europe that is run by investment principles and supports the development of the youth. We wish to grow our fund’s assets in the most effective way and as transparently as possible by giving an overview of our charitable projects and investments.

Since the beginning of 2017, we have donated 9 488 euros total. We wish to do 3-4 good deeds a year that are based on our mission to help young people acquire knowledge and skills, and develop their character so that they can fulfill their dreams.

We have fundraised over 69 739 €, in addition to that raised 3 230 € to fund one-time charitable projects. We are sincerely grateful for all the supporters and especially our month-to-month donors. Help us to do good by becoming our month-to-month donor.

One of our charitable deeds in 2022 is supporting Latvian youth:

Supporting Bizness24h entrepreneurial promotion contest in Latvia

Our 2nd charitable project in 2022 was supporting Bizness24h – the largest annual educational entrepreneurial promotion contest in Latvia, intended for young students.

Their mission is to inspire young people to start a business and show them how to build successful businesses and thereby develop the […]

In order to start donating in other countries, we want to raise at least 5 000 € per country. According to our fund’s principles, we direct 50% of the return on investments to charity and the remaining 50% to investments again. That is how your good deed will remain to do good forever.

Our wish is to keep the Foundation’s maintenance costs low. The only costs are accounting, web hosting, and annual review by the audit company. As the fund grows, these costs have become increasingly marginal.

Since 2017 we have invested 70 930 euros total and earned 12 323 € in passive income by investing the fund’s assets. Out of that 5 947 € has been dividend income, 4 806 € interest from crowdfunding, 1 122 € interest from bonds, and 447 € interest from direct loans. In addition to passive income, we have earned  6 672 € from the sale of shares, much of which came in the 4th quarter of 2021 and reinvested the profit to bonds and loans. We will continue investing in low-risk assets that generate passive income. The net value of assets amounted to 84 239 euros at the end of the 4th quarter.

Looking back at 2021:

  • Generated 3314 € in passive income.
  • Fundraised 6145 €.
  • Donated 1000 €.
  • Funds net asset value grew 24 000 € in one year.
  • Directed our investments to asset classes that generate more passive income, thanks to which we can donate more in the future

In 2022 we are planning to support 4 charitable projects. The first one will happen already at the beginning of February:

We are excited about the Southwestern Advantage annual prize trip Sizzler in Gran Canaria from January 29 to February 20, 2022. If COVID restrictions allow, we plan to organize our annual charity day and auction. The last time we organized a similar charity event was 2 years ago, raising 6 677 euros in donations:

Southwestern Advantage Foundation charity day and auction 2020

In addition to month-to-month donations and interest income, we also grow the Foundation’s assets in other ways. At the end of January, the annual Southwestern Adavantage award trip took place […]

It’s going to be a productive year for sure!

Southwestern Advantage Foundation’s vision is to be the biggest charitable foundation in Eastern Europe that is built on investment principles and helping young people in obtaining knowledge and developing character so they can fulfill their dreams in life. We help European youth get better entrepreneurship education and offer investment knowledge to those who do not have the opportunity. We are working to reduce and prevent poverty.

We only donate money from the fund’s passive income by directing 50% of the return to charity and 50% back to the fund. That is how your good deed will remain giving forever.

Help us help more people: https://swacharity.eu/en/donate/

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