Our second charitable project in 2019 was supporting Unicorns School multimedia package on the Seed&Spark platform, which is meant for use in high school Economics and Social Studies curriculums.

The full-length feature film Chasing Unicorns, which premiered in cinemas in September 2019, tells the story of two start-ups (starring Liisa Pulk and Henrik Kalmet) on their journey from the “garage” to Silicon Valley.

As the film is about starting a technology company and thriving in the business world, the authors want to connect the film with the real world and real stories from Estonian entrepreneurs through additional materials, to inspire more young people to see career opportunities in the technology world and as an entrepreneur. To introduce the package to students, the film producers cooperate with the organizations Back to School, Junior Achievement, and the Estonian Society of Economics Teachers. All materials remain available in digital learning environments in the future.

15 interviews were recorded with top European tech founders and edited together with the movie clips to teach and inspire future startup founders. These clips are used as part of entrepreneurship and business classes & are available for FREE online.​ “Unicorns School” is in Estonian language with English subtitles.

The multimedia package for students includes:
– feature film “Chasing Unicorns”
– 12 study modules
– joint movie sessions to high schools, involving the managers and founders of the companies that supported the project

More info about supporting the project: https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/chasing-unicorns-movie#updates/23715

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