Foundation overview: 1st quarter of 2024

Foundation overview: 1st quarter of 2024

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Our vision is to create the largest sustainable charity fund in Eastern Europe that supports the development of young people. We want to grow the fund’s assets as efficiently and transparently as possible, constantly providing an overview of the fund’s growth, good deeds and investments.

Supporting the Foundation

The main supporters of the charity fund are students participating in the Southwestern Advantage summer program and alumni of the program. At the same time, we are very happy to see that there are more and more supporters who have no direct connection with Southwestern Advantage, but also want to support young people in achieving their goals.

SW students collectively supported the Foundation with a record 19,635 euros during the annual charity auction on Southwestern Advantage prize trip in Egypt in January. Many thanks to organizer of the charity day Ilona Savik, and MC of the auction Oskar Orglaan!

We are extremely grateful to everyone who participated in the auction: Taavi Ilmjärv, Ilona Savik, Janis Brauers, Nikita Vlassenkov, Mirjam Järv, Randel Suurkask, Rauno Pisa, Kaur Heinloo, Ott Kaarel Kõiva, Povilas Laiševcevas and also to our regular donors. Your contribution will continue to help young people forever!

Help us in our mission by becoming a supporter

To date, we have received 105,739 euros in donations to the fund, which is divided by country:

Charitable projects

We are open to support various charitable projects and scholarships that are in line with the foundation’s mission to help young people develop their character and skills that support the fulfillment of their dreams.

As of the end of March, we have donated a total of 15,919 euros since the beginning of 2017. Our next scholarship is awarding of the annual Greete Poderati Young Athlete Scholarship this spring.

In the first quarter of 2024, we organized the Entrepreneurial Youth Scholarship competition for the first time in Estonia and Lithuania. The aim of the scholarship was to recognize and support active and entrepreneurial young people. In addition to submitting a letter of motivation and a CV, the best students also had the opportunity to participate in practical sales and management training.


Our next charitable project is awarding of the annual Greete Poderat’s Young Athlete Scholarship this spring:

Greete Poderat Young Athlete Scholarship 2024

Southwestern Advantage Foundation’s aim is to contribute to young people’s entrepreneurship education and experience in the countries where Southwestern Advantage student program takes place. Since 2020 we are giving out our annual Greete Poderat Young Athlete Scholarship to support [...]

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We have aimed to achieve at least 10% growth in assets every year, which would allow us to allocate 5% of the fund’s volume to the budget of various scholarships and grants every year and at the same time continue to grow the assets of the fund. In this way, the donations of the supporters will continue to do good forever. Our goal is that the fixed costs of the Foundation would be as low as possible, and as the fund grows, these costs will become more and more marginal.

To date, the value of the fund’s assets has grown to 108,214 euros, which enables grants in the amount of 5,500 euros to be issued in 2024.

Investments are divided among various asset classes as follows:

In the first quarter, there were no major reorganizations in the portfolio, however we are planning to reduce the portion of Baltic growth stocks and increase the portion of passive and regularly paid assets.

Sihtasutus Southwestern Advantage missiooniks on olla suurim investeerimispõhimõtetel tegutsev heategevusfond Ida-Euroopa riikides, mis aitab noori teadmiste omandamisel ja iseloomu arendamisel, et nad saaksid täita oma unistusi elus. Aitame Euroopa noortel omandada paremat ettevõtlusharidust ja jagame investeerimisteadmisi neile, kel puuduvad selleks võimalused. Töötame selle nimel, et vähendada ja vältida vaesust.

Suuname oma panuse heategevuslikesse projektidesse oma missioonist lähtuvalt. Annetame raha ainult fondi passiivsest sissetulekust. 50% tootlusest suuname heategevusse ja 50% tagasi fondi. Nii jääb Sinu heategu head tegema igavesti.

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