Taltech Development Fund scholarship for Ukrainian student

Taltech Development Fund scholarship for Ukrainian student

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Southwestern Advantage Foundation’s mission is to promote entrepreneurship education and experience for young people in European countries where the Southwestern Advantage student program operates.

According to the latest figures, 7.4 million war refugees have left Ukraine. This year, ten Ukrainians participated in the Southwestern Advantage program, although those students are studying outside of Ukraine, their families are in the middle of a war. The war is still going on and young people need support. We feel that we cannot stand by in the current situation, and we want to support the young people of Ukraine in accordance with our statute.

Therefore, we have issued a 1300 euro scholarship in cooperation with the Tallinn University of Technology Foundation, to support a Ukrainian student studying at Taltech. Applications can be submitted from September 27 to October 18 through the Development Fund, and all full-time Ukrainian Taltech students are welcome to apply.

Head of the Tallinn University of Technology Development Fund, Elinor Toming says that Ukraine has many good and very good universities whose students appreciate studying in Estonia and having them here is a privilege. Among the young people from Ukraine technology and cyber security fields are most valued at Taltech.

“58 Ukrainian students started their studies at TalTech in the autumn of 2022. I met quite a few of them myself. There were those who already had previous experience of studying in Estonia, but also those who arrived in Estonia in March. It is largely impossible for them to go back home to study. Not to mention the financial support from parents to study here,” said Toming.

“Talking to several young Ukrainians who are already studying with us and have just started studying, they see their future in Estonia,” notes Toming. “By contributing to the education of these young people, we also raise the quality of our workforce, because these same young people will most likely start working in the Estonian public or private sector, and will be future taxpayers and citizens.”

The main expenses for a student from abroad are accommodation, food, medicine and medical care, also study materials. Compared to Ukraine, everything in Estonia is two to three times more expensive. With the additional scholarship, students could pay for their medical expenses or accommodation costs in the dormitory for the academic year.

Students from Ukraine are exempted from tuition fees during the 2022/2023 academic year. In the spring period, the university’s institutes also supported the young Ukrainians who were already studying here, each according to their abilities. The Tallinn University of Technology Development Fund has created the “Ukrainian Students” Fund, from which a one-time support scholarship will be paid to Ukrainian students in the autumn, the number and size of which will be determined in the autumn depending on the total amount of donations.

Southwestern Advantage Foundation’s vision is to be the biggest charitable foundation in Eastern Europe that is built on investment principles and helping young people in obtaining knowledge and developing character so they can fulfill their dreams in life. We help European youth get better entrepreneurship education and offer investment knowledge to those who do not have the opportunity. We are working to reduce and prevent poverty.

We only donate money from the fund’s passive income by directing 50% of the return to charity and 50% back to the fund. That is how your good deed will remain giving forever.

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