Junior Achievement Economics textbook for high schools

Junior Achievement Economics textbook for high schools

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Smart citizens are the main resource of our society. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, a new Economics textbook for high school was published in cooperation with the Junior Achievement program, which will help smarter Estonian schoolchildren and perhaps even people who have already graduated.

Kersti Loor, the director of Junior Achievement Estonia, explained that the previous textbook was from the year 2011, and since the business and economic world is rapidly changing, there was a great need for a new textbook. “Economics education is not compulsory in Estonian schools, but thanks to the initiative of good school administrators and teachers, economics education is taken as an elective course by more than 5,000 students a year at the high school level,” Loor explained. “The new textbook is modern, practical, with simple language content and many vital examples. In addition, there are many links to additional materials as for example QR codes, and there is also a larger digital version of the textbook.”

The Economics textbook explains the basics of economics from supply and demand to international economics in simple language. The topics of consumption and saving, entrepreneurship, corporate financing, production and services, marketing, labor, and competition are covered. Of course, you can’t do an economics textbook without covering the government budget, monetary policy, the financial system, taxes, and economic indicators.

In total, we supported the publication of the economics textbook with 3,000 euros: 1,500 € from the fund and 1,500 € with one-time donations.

Sincere thanks for all the support!

Order the textbook here: http://www.ja.ee/programmid/oppematerjalid/majandusopik-guemnaasiumile.html

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