Donating “How to Become Financially Wise?” books for middle schoolers

Donating “How to Become Financially Wise?” books for middle schoolers

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On 31 May 2018, a financial wisdom day for basic school students took place at SEB Innovation Center. Together with our good partners Igavene Heategu MTÜ, Jaak Roosaare and Mihkel Truman, we donated 127 books “How to Become Financially Wise?” to 6-9th grade students.

There is not too much talk about money management, finance, or investing in middle school and upper elementary school. Sharing books with students helps them gain inspiration and new knowledge about investing and personal finance. It is important to acquire knowledge about money at a young age before we dive into working life and make the biggest financial decisions of our lives. We want our future generation to be money-wise and thus live a happier life!

It is very important to us that our donations reach the right place and the right people. That is why we communicate with people we support or who come into direct contact with those in need. We ask them how we can support them in the best way and how we can help them financially to create the most value.

Thanks to good cooperation with the authors of the book we were able to donate the books with the cost of printing.

The day was led by Karl Vilhelm Valter, the winner of the “Rakett 69” science show, and Marko Oolo, the leader of the Investeerimisklubi, who gave a class on money management for the young. In addition, thousands of young people from all over Estonia watched the lessons containing practical knowledge of money wisdom via live broadcast, which can be watched here.

Southwestern Advantage Foundation’s vision is to be the biggest charitable foundation in Eastern Europe that is built on investment principles and helping young people in obtaining knowledge and developing character so they can fulfill their dreams in life. We help European youth get better entrepreneurship education and offer investment knowledge to those who do not have the opportunity. We are working to reduce and prevent poverty.

We only donate money from the fund’s passive income by directing 50% of the return to charity and 50% back to the fund. That is how your good deed will remain giving forever.

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