Our last charitable project for the year was helping Estonian Food Bank.

On December 13 and 14, food collection days which have become a tradition of the Estonian Food Bank took place during which giving people were invited to donate food to the donation carts of the Food Bank. This food was donated to families in 50 stores. A selection of Prisma, Rimi, Selver, Coop, and Maxima grocery stores from all over Estonia joined this initiative.

The young people at Southwestern Advantage helped on December 13 and 14 in Torupilli Selver and Sikupilli Prisma. According to the students, people were very helpful and responsive. During the three-hour shift, several food carts were collected and transported to those in need.

In total, a record 45,204 kg of food was donated to people in need across Estonia this winter. Out of this, 18,954 kg were donations collected in 12 stores in Tallinn and Harju County.

The activities of the Food Bank contribute to the reduction of waste in society, as many food products that were destroyed in the past are now reaching people who really need them. Long-lasting food items were placed in donation carts such as canned food, cooking oil, canned soups, breakfast cereals, porridge material, and other dry foods. Also jams, juices, nuts, raisins, and healthy sweets.

The next opportunity to support the activities of the Food Bank within the framework of the food collection days is already April 3-4.

Sincere thanks to all donors and volunteers!

Contribute here: http://www.toidupank.ee/toidu-annetamine/

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